Writing Well (for the Rest of Us)

In today's online world, you need to write well -- whether you're sending an email, posting on Facebook, chatting on a dating site, or writing a business letter. Writing Well (for the Rest of Us) is an incredibly practical book on how to write better English. Perfect for anyone, it's also useful for junior or high school students, and even foreign language students.

Written in simple English, this is a book on writing made "for the rest of us". In fact, you don't even need to know grammar rules. The author leads you through tips on writing better English in a fun, relaxed and entertaining style.

In addition, you'll clear up many confusing ideas in English, and learn fascinating insights into the history of this extraodinary language.

Take your first step toward better writing with this wonderful book!


What You'll Learn

There's so much to gain by writing well.

Gain confidence
Writing well comes from confidence, and you'll gain that confidence by understanding the basics of good writing.
Be successful
People who can write always have work. It's not just because they can write, it's because they have the ability to communicate in the world today.
Get respect
Good writers are respected. If you can write well, people will respect not only your writing, but your views.


This book is not for those who know how to write well. It's for everyone else. Ever wondered if you wrote something correctly? Ever had a confusion about whether to use "that" or "which"? Ever wondered what was the correct word to use? This book is for you.

The English Language

The English Language

When understanding how to write well, it's useful to know a bit of background to the language, and why it is what it is today. You don't have to read it, but we've found it's a helpful way to get a good "grounding" on the language.

We make grammar easy

(Almost) Everything you need to know about grammar.

In this chapter, we explain the basics of grammar. Now, you don't really have to know grammar to write well, but it's helpful to know some of the basics. You can read this chapter or skip it. But it's written in such a simple way, why not give it a try?

The basics of structure

The sentence and paragraph

What is a sentence? Can you have a one-word sentence? What's a paragraph? You'll get a good understanding of the basic structure of writing in this chapter.

Learn what to avoid

What are common mistakes?

Avoid common mistakes through this simple and often very funny look at the mistakes made in writing. You'll learn some valuable lessons!

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About The Author

Alex Eckelberry has written and spoken extensively on a broad range of subjects, including technology, the environment and investing. He has nearly 30 years of experience in technology and related areas, including several years in private equity and venture capital. He has been extensively quoted and interviewed in national press, radio and television, including BusinessWeek, the New York Times, and USA Today, the Today Show, NPR, Fox News and CBC Canada. Alex is currently an independent advisor and board member to a broad range of companies.

Alex Eckelberry

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